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ScoutDay is a mobile app where baseball prospects can be discovered right from their phone.

The Official Digital Exposure App of Perfect Game.

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What is ScoutDay?

ScoutDay is NOT another recruiting service. ScoutDay provides an opportunity for players to be identified, discovered, and evaluated by college coaches and Perfect Game scouts. Through the app, players can receive video evaluations from Perfect Game, baseball's #1 scouting service. College coaches can browse the evaluations and watch baseball prospects content right in the app, and connect with potential recruits.

How It Works

Get Evaluated By Perfect
Game Scouts

Video analysis is one of the most effective ways to get real feedback on your game. The scouts are able to pause and slow down your mechanics to ensure that you get the most accurate feedback. Use your evaluation to take your game to the next level, and get exposure.

Create Your Our
Own Profile

Connect with college coaches directly. With our app, your video will be easily searchable by coaches using your evaluation, athletic, and academic information. Score high enough on your ScoutDay evaluation to get the most exposure!

Discover College Coaches

With our app, players connect with coaches by simply clicking a button or with a swipe. If a coach is also interested in you, you will be able to message that coach directly in the app. Perfect Game scouts are the most credible in the game, making their feedback valuable for development and exposure.

Benefits Of Joining ScoutDay

Players receive full video evaluations from Perfect Game, baseball's #1 scouting service.

Perfect Game is responsible for discovering and evaluating over 1000 MLB players, including Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw, Carlos Correa, and Mike Trout.

ScoutDay members use their profile and evaluation to connect directly with colleges.

1 player per week will be selected at random as "ScoutDay Player of The Week" and your information will be posted on Perfect Game and ScoutDay social media (combined over 500,000 followers.)

ScoutDay allows players to express interest in a college with one click or swipe.

ScoutDay members are eligible for invitations to Perfect Game invite only events.

ScoutDay members who have not attended Perfect Game events will have special marked profiles in the Perfect Game website database.

ScoutDay has over 600 college coaches on the app.

Member colleges include at least 1 from every major D1 conference, as well as a wide selection of D2, D3, and Junior Colleges.

ScoutDay provides comprehensive search features to find the perfect schools that fit every prospect, as well as in app messaging with the coaches.

Download the App

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